A little more about tobi + the sonic retreat.

For those of you who don't know me, my love for music started as a toddler, roller skating in the basement to my favorite Jackson 5 records on my Mickey Mouse record player. Music is my one true love and has been a constant source of joy my entire life, so it was only natural that I would gravitate to a career in radio, as well as music curation and discovery. My first foray into that world was at my college radio station, WGRE - The Sound Alternative at DePauw University. This is where my gift of gab, love of music and journalistic savvy all came together in perfect harmony. My first paid radio gig was in DeKalb, Illinois hosting my own five hour talk show called "Tobi Talk" - hence the reason all of my social handles are now #tobitalks. And while I hope to get back to my talk radio roots in the near future by way of podcast - the majority of my career has been spent championing new, indie music.

The crown jewel of my music curation thus far has been helping to create the "indie" music genre by building the groundbreaking coast to coast college/indie channel called XMU from scratch for XM Satellite Radio in 2001. I programmed that channel with love and passion until 2009 and I will always hold those years of music discovery near and dear to my heart.

Currently I curate and host The Music Discovery Show and Close To Home, a show that celebrates LA based artists/bands, every Sunday night from 8-10p on ALT987fm. I'm really proud of those two shows and feel so grateful to have that kind of platform to share new music with the masses. I'm also on staff as a fill-in host and music curator at the legendary KCRW.

With that said, it is with giddy excitement that I take my next logical step by introducing people to the music I've celebrated for years with the launch of this live music series called "tobi's sonic retreat!” These sessions will be monthly live performances with indie bands/artists living in Los Angeles, or those passing through LA on tour, who are looking for a unique experience for their fans and music-loving circle of friends. It will also potentially be an awesome outlet for touring bands to road test new music in the form of a unique one-off event.

These exclusive performances will be interspersed with real talk conversation by yours truly, that will give you up-close and personal access to your favorite (and soon-to-be favorite) bands/artists. The intimate shows will be in the spirit and candor of a campfire-like chat plus live music performance. I’ll be interacting with the audience to make these sessions truly memorable and fun.

This series has been a long time in the making and I'm so thrilled it's finally becoming a reality. I've always been a passionate, music purist - the most important thing to me is introducing people to the music that I love with vim and vigor - so creating my own DIY VIP type live music series just makes sense. In this day and age of curated experiences, I just want to share musical joy and positive vibes.


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