I’m excited to partner with Vinz on Fairfax and Shiny Object Co. for these amazing performances. Vinz on Fairfax is a new residential location that has the perfect vibe to host the Sonic Retreat.

Vinz on Fairfax is located at:

950 S Fairfax Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Vinz on Fairfax is a residential embodiment of the endlessly stimulating Los Angeles lifestyle. Sophistication, glamour, and elegance characterize each compelling aspect of our chic, artistically rife community. Flawless finishes and innovative interior design collectively yield beautifully textured, effortlessly sleek living spaces which very much align with the elevated West Los Angeles neighborhood to which we proudly belong. A Vinz residence is your personal conveyance to heightened cosmopolitan living—secure your passage now.

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